Why buy a Little Plumber water softener?

UK Manufactured
Using high-quality materials
Built To Last
Tried and tested over 20 years
365 Day Guarantee
1 Year to see if Little Plumber is for you
Proven Technology
Verified by industry experts
Save Money
Save money on energy bills
Improve Water Quality
Healthier hair and skin with softer water
Buy Little Plumber Water Softener

The Little Plumber Range

Little Plumber 1 (LP1) Electronic Water Softener
House With 1 To 3 Bedrooms


Little Plumber 2 (LP2) Electronic Water Softener
Large Homes (4+ Bedrooms)


Little Plumber SOLO Battery Operated Water Softener
Homes With No Adjacent Power Supply


Little Plumber SOLO 2 Large Battery Operated Water Softener
For 4+ Bed Properties Battery Powered


Little Plumber 3 (LP3) Small Commercial Water Softener
Up To 50 Rooms (Small Hotels etc)


Little Plumber 4 (LP4) Large Commercial Water Softener
Commercial Premises & Apartment Blocks


Olympia 3in1 Replacement Cartridge


About Little Plumber

Little Plumber Electronic Water Softener treatment units are guaranteed to remove and prevent limescale and make your water feel softer. They will continue to soften the water continuously without requiring any additives once connected to the mains (or via our battery unit in the LP SOLO).
How Little Plumber Works
Remove existing limescale
Prevent any new limescale from forming
Save up to 40% on your energy bills
Easy install, with no plumbing skills needed
Treat pipes, whether they're plastic or copper
No chemicals or salt required
Eliminate skin problems, such as eczema
Make your water softer
12 Month Guarantee
No Quibble! Just send the unit back for a full refund if not delighted.
Chemical Free
No limescale, softer skin, improved water taste and silkier hair, all without the use of chemicals.
Tried & Tested
With over 20 years experience in the industry, our products have carefully been refined to provide the ultimate water softening experience. 

Our Customers Say

12 Month Guarantee

No Quibble! Just send the unit back for a full refund if not delighted.
Extensive Guarantees
We are so confident in our electronic water softening products that we give you two specific guarantees.
A 12-month no-quibble money-back guarantee
The FIRST is that if you are not delighted with the results of the scale removal and prevention after 12 months from installation, you may return your unit for a full rebate.
A 3 Year Replacement Guarantee
The SECOND guarantee is that if during the first 3 years of installation any part of a unit should fail we will replace the entire unit free of charge. These units are built to last for up to 15 years.
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How hard is your water?

hard water map (1)

Have you ever wondered just how hard your water is? Well now you can find out and it costs you nothing!

Simply send us your email below together with your name and address and we’ll send you FREE OF CHARGE a tester strip (UK addresses only). To get a rough understanding of the hardness of your water, use the map on the left-hand side, matching up to the key below:

  • Hard To Very Hard
  • Medium To Hard
  • Soft To Moderately Soft
Order Free Tester Strip

Need help with installation?

Little Plumber water softeners are effortless to install and get up and running. If you do prefer to have a professional assist with installation, feel free to contact us, and we can recommend an installer close to you.

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Made In Britain

All of our products in the Little Plumber range are made of high-quality materials, manufactured in the United Kingdom. Backed by our extensive 12-month guarantee, if you aren't delighted with the results from our Little Plumber water softeners, you may return your unit for a full refund.

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