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The Benefits of Soft Water
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Benefits of Soft Water

As we have said HARD WATER is water with dissolved Calcium Carbonate and the problem of having free Calcium Ions (Ca++) in the water is that they recombine with Carbonate Ions (CO3-) and cause the precipitation of chalk or limescale. The other problem is that the Calcium Ions also combine with Stearates in soap and cause Calcium Stearate SCUM. Calcium Ions can of course combine with a number of other ions and form a variety of compounds.

SOFT WATER on the other hand has a very low concentration of Calcium Ions and those of you who have lived in an area of Soft Water will know of the benefits it imparts. In Scotland, which is almost all soft water, one of the greatest benefits discovered is the extra enjoyment derived when it is added to Scotch Whiskey. In fact it is doubtful whether Whiskey could be produced using hard water so we might assume that one of Scotland's greatest products would never have been produced if the water had been hard.

In other situations the benefits of soft water are:

  • Better lathering of soap and detergents
  • Kinder to skin and hair
  • More efficient washing of clothes
  • No streaking on glassware and dishes
  • Prolonged life of appliances
  • No scum
  • Showerheads remain unblocked
  • Lower incidence of skin problems such as Eczema and Psoriasis

All in all, soft water has many more benefits than hard water with one major exception and that is that it lacks the essential minerals of Calcium which are essential for the development of bones and teeth in young people and also necessary for the healthy metabolism of all cells. Water low in Calcium seems to coincide with areas with higher than average heart attacks whereas areas where the water is rich in Calcium appears to suffer from fewer heart attack victims.

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