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Limescale inhibitor

A device or chemical which inhibits the deposit of limescale and may remove existing limescale.

Limescale inhibitors

A group of products or chemicals which, when applied to hard water, will inhibit the deposit of limescale and may remove existing limescale.

Limescale prevention

The treatment of a primary water supply to soften the water and thereby prevent limescale.

Limescale prevention systems

Devices and procedures that can be employed to prevent limescale

Limescale prevention tablets

Tablets, generally of an acidic nature, which prevent the deposit of limescale.

Limescale problems

Limescale causes a wide variety of problems including, furred pipes slowing water flow, furred heat exchangers causing low heating efficiency, poor lathering of soaps and detergents, unsightly deposits around taps,

Limescale removal

A product or application which removes limescale

Limescale removal manufacturers

Manufacturers who make products or systems to remove limescale

Limescale removal system

A system or product or regime that is applied in the removal of limescale.

Limescale remover

A chemical or device or action which, when applied correctly, removes the deposit of limescale from surfaces.

Limescale removers

Chemicals, devices or actions which, when applied correctly, remove limescale deposits from hardware.

Limescale softeners

A softening of limescale by chemical or other methods.

Limescale solution

Limescale solution refers to hard water which, when heated, deposits limescale.

Limescale treatment

The removal and prevention of limescale by chemical or other methods.

Magnetic limescale removers

A range of products using inline static magnets for the removal of limescale.

Magnetic water descaler

A magnetic device used to prevent and remove limescale.

Natural limescale

Natural limescale are the salts of calcium carbonate as seen in nature and take the form of chalk and limestone amongst others.

Natural limescale remover

A chemical, action or substance that occurs naturally and removes limescale.

Prevent limescale

The general term used to stop limescale deposits by using chemical or physical methods.

Preventing limescale

The ongoing pursuit of applying chemicals or other methods to stop the build up of limescale crystals.

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