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By treating the incoming water into your house you can prevent limescale and also remove old limescale.

Avoid limescale

Limescale is avoided by treating incoming water and removing the salts which constitute limescale.

Avoid limescale problems

Treating hard water as it enters a premises and removing the hardness can avoid limescale problems.

Beat hard water

Overcome the problems associated with hard water such as limescale.

Conditioners preventing limescale

Electronic water conditioners alter the ability of the salts in hard water to precipitate as limescale, therefore preventing it.

Electronic limescale

A reference to the electronic water conditioner which removes and prevents limescale in water.

Electronic limescale inhibitors

A group of products that electronically prevent limescale and may also remove limescale.

Electronic limescale removal

The method of removing limescale by the use of an electronic water conditioner.

Electronic limescale remover

The electronic water conditioner that removes limescale.

Eliminate limescale

It is possible to eliminate limescale by preventing limescale deposits in hard water areas.

Hard water

Water that contains a high concentration of calcium and magnesium salts.

Hard water area

Geographical areas that have a high concentration of chalk and limestone.

Hard water conditioner

A device, generally magnetic or electromagnetic, that changes the physics of hard water to make the water act as if it is soft.

Hard water descaler

A chemical, product or action that removes limescale caused by hard water.

Hard water softeners

Chemicals or products which either remove the salts which cause hardness or alter their physical state such that the water becomes 'soft'.

Hard water treatment

The treatment of hard water to remove or prevent the problems caused by dissolved calcium and magnesium sales that manifest as limescale.

Hard water washing

The problem associated with washing in hard water generally referring to the poor lathering of soaps and detergents in hard water.

Limescale build

The gradual increase in the layers of limescale deposits occasioned by hard water being heated up or the pressure changing.

Limescale cleaning

The removal and prevention of limescale precipitation using various methods.

Limescale deposit

A thick chalk deposit caused by the salts in hard water crystallising out and returning to their original hard crystal status.

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