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Selling Opportunities with Little Plumber

As featured in The Times, The Telegraph & The Evening Standard Our range of products not only work but are top quality

 We have a range of profitable opportunities available for you when you do business with Little Plumber, the flagship products of  Splendid Products Limited.

Splendid Products Ltd has been established since February 2002 and in that time has made and sold thousands of its principle product the  Little Plumber electronic water softener. The market for them has now never been better. Customers are fed up with ion exchange softeners that need salt and a dedicated drinking tap plumbed in so welcome the opportunity of having an effective electronic unit that requires absolutley no maintenance, is easy to fit and cheap to run.

We have a wide range of great Little Plumber sales opportunities.

For more information about the different sales opportunities available to you please click on the following links to find out more:-

  1. E-Commerce Retail Sales – more info
  2. High Street Retail Sales - more info
  3. Direct Sales and Fitting to the Public - more info
  4. Direct Sales on Commission - more info
  5. Trade Sales on Commission - more info
  6. Social Networking Sales - more info

To apply to become a sales representative for Little Plumber please contact us on 01235862540

Salt softeners are what most people think of when the words Water Softener are mentioned. The problem with them is that you need salt, a dedicated drinking tap and they waste water every time they regenerate. The Little Plumber range is now perceived as a really eco-friendly alternative. With running costs of just £2.00 a year is an added attraction plus the ease of installation which requires no plumbing and in most cases is a simple D.I.Y.

A very important additional benefit of installing LP products is the fact that they will save customers energy. Energy costs are increasing all round and one of the biggest problems in hard water areas is the scaling up of heat exchangers which result in very poor heat exchange and consequent poor energy conversion.



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