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At Splendid Products we are always looking for ways in which to expand our customer base - and now you could make 15% of all sales that originate from your website by becoming a member of the Little Plumber Affiliate Scheme!

All you need to do is go to the form by clicking here, and once you have filled in and submitted the form you will be presented with a username and password - PLEASE KEEP THESE SAFE!

Once we receive your registration we will need to verify your details and then accept you as an active affiliate before any transactions that originate from your website will count towards your account - we will notify you via email once this process is complete.

If in the mean time you wish to log into your account then you may do so by going to Here you will find the code that you can use to add a link from your website to the Little Plumber website.

If you have any questions about the Little Plumber Affiliate Scheme then please contact us.

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