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Helpful Tips

1. Where to install?

The effect generated by Little Plumber travels in both directions in the water so even if you fit a unit on the mains feed into your header tank in the loft it will still treat ALL the water in the pipe prior to that including the pipe into the kitchen supplying the drinking tap and kitchen appliances. The effect has nothing to do with the direction of the water flow. The effect travels instantly through any unbroken stream of water but will stop when the stream is broken.

2. Pipes?

LP works on ALL pipes painted or unpainted, plastic or copper or galvanized steel.

3. Upside Down?

It doesn't matter if your LP is installed on its side or upside down. It works in any position.

4. Fixing

You can use two-sided adhesive Velcro or adhesive pads to fix your LP to a surface. The unit is light and is easy to fix to most surfaces. We do supply plugs and screws for most models.

5. Returns

In the event of a unit malfunctioning for any reason we will immediately replace it for you FOC and you can return the unit to us by post.

6. How Quickly?

How quickly will you notice the effect depends on how much limescale there is already deposited in your plumbing system. Some people notice the effect immediately and see more lather and say the water tastes better.

7. The Kettle

When you have boiled the water in the kettle you should empty away the unused water as once water reaches 100'C the conditioning effect of the LP unit is removed. Scale will start to deposit if you re-boil already boiled water so the best practice is to empty unused boiled water and re-fill from the tap just before you boil again.

8. Turns?

You will need at least 10 turns of the aerial but if you can do more so much the better. You can loop the aerial back on itself if you wish.

9. Guarantees

Our "no quibble" 12 month money back guarantee means that you can return the LP unit to us (or the store you bought it from if not us) and you will be refunded the full amount paid for the unit. We do not refund the cost of returning the item to us.

10. Why Little Plumber?

You can see that there are other similar products to ours available and some are very much cheaper but we have been making and selling LP units for over 10 years now and our level of customer satisfaction is very high. We also think that the technical advances employed in the construction of the LP make it the best value for money product of it's type currently available.

11. Tester Strips

These are sent out free of charge (one only per address). They measure the total amount of CALCIUM in the water. However, even when the water has been treated by the LP unit the strips will still show the same amount of Calcium present because the Calcium is still in the water although in a different form. Please do not expect therefore to see a difference in the amount of Calcium shown by the strip once you have installed your LP unit.

12. Plug Types

There are 3 different plugs available when purchasing 1. Normal UK 220v 3-pin; 2. European 220v 2-pin; & 3.US 110v 2-pin.

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